.Little Brother Graduates.

I am the youngest in my family with one older brother. My wish of having a sister finally came true when my brother married back in 2006. Fast forward to 2009 when Adam and I were wed, and I got more than I could ever have hoped for..are you ready? I now have 3 sisters, 4 brothers, 4 nieces, and 2 nephews.

Life is good.

Adam's younger brother Alex graduated from Liberty University this May and I was thrilled to be a part of his special day. I first met Alex when he was 16 years old and was able to attend his high school plays, basketball games, and various fundraisers/school activities. It was all so fun! I always wanted a "little" brother (even though is he not so little) and truly feel blessed to have him in my life.

Throughout college, Adam and I watched first hand as Alex grew in maturity and in his talents, acting. Alex majored in Theatre and brought hours of entertainment to all who attended Liberty's plays as well as the community theaters. He really found his niche in acting and it is clearly comedy--that boy is not afraid to make himself look silly to get laughs and trust me, his facial expressions are priceless! Take a look:
Alex's college graduation was unique: it was short and sweet! LU's Theatre department only had 17 graduating seniors. This made the entire ceremony extremely personal and like I mentioned, short! I was happy, not only for Alex, but for his classmates because their professors were able to take the time to speak about each student.

It was nice.

Alex's graduation ceremony was celebrated with his loving parents, grandparents, and Adam and I. 
This last picture is precious to me--Alex and I on his high school graduation in 2008 and college graduation in 2012. Love having a "little" brother :)
Congratulations Alex, we are all so proud and love you! Enjoy your summer--we cannot wait to see your performances!

Happy Living--Happy Graduating
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


  1. Aww yay! I wish I could have seen him in more of LU's performances! I really miss the theater! (and you of course!)