.Malaysia: Part One.

I am so thankful my husband writes in a journal

Thinking back on our two week trip to Malaysia, my head is quickly filled with the many activities and  amazing people we met that I forget when things happened exactly..this is when Adam's journal comes in handy. Instead of writing a post for everyday we were in Malaysia, like I did for our Iceland vacation, I figured I'd simply share two posts with you that contain little writing and lots of pictures--the best kind of posts ;)

Adam and I traveled over 30 hours to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a two week business trip. It was all business for Adam and all vacation for me! Adam works for a company called Envato as the Site Editor for Aetuts+, an Adobe After Effects training site. The company mission is to help people earn money by selling digital goods and grow in their fields by learning new skills. The founders of Envato organized a company meetup two years ago in Chicago and this year the meetup was in Malaysia. The interesting thing about this company, is people from all over the world (literally) work for it. We met people from England, France, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, Tasmania, Venezuela, Spain, Ireland, Canada as well as representation from the US: Utah, Tennessee, and Nebraska! Spouses were invited on this meetup since many people, like us, had to travel great distances and would be away for two weeks. As you know..I was scared but I did it!

We stayed in Kuala Lumpur, the country's capital, which felt like New York City with palm trees--lots of them! The weather was miserably humid and had sporadic thunderstorm with some of the best lightning bolts I have ever seen. Our hotel, Park Royal, was spectacular and began feeling a bit like home. We were sad to leave it..ahem, sad to leave the amazing rooftop pool and all you can eat buffets. Here are a few pictures of our hotel:
 While Adam did this everyday...(photos provided by Adam's co-worker Jarel Remick)
 I did this with the other wives..

We shared amazing food:
 Unique experiences like the Fish Spa:
(I will never ever do this again, please see pictures for my reason)
 Explored Malaysian temples:
 Found the best shopping markets and malls:
Everyday was truly a blast. There were two wives who were in charge of arranging partner activities, Allison and Haley, and they did a fabulous job. It was all planned very casual and open--it was up to us if we wanted to partake in the daily activity. There were a couple of days when I simply wanted a "me" day and enjoyed sleeping in, taking very long hot showers, and napping poolside while other days I could not wait to hang out with the wonderful ladies. 

It was fantastic.

Adam and the rest of the Envato staff were busy working bees until 5pm most days. When they got off work it felt like the party started as everyone quickly made dinner plans followed by more fun--swimming, bowling, movies, karaoke, archery, shopping, community hang outs, exploring the city at night..

Well, I think this post has enough photos to last you a while :) Please know I am trying my best to refrain from actually posting all of my pictures.."trying" being the key word. We were in Malaysia for two weeks so you can imagine how many great photos we came home with..I'll wrap this first post up here--

Stay tuned for the next and final Malaysia post featuring our group activity days, my days off with Adam, and the gorgeous countryside.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. See, we knew you'd have a great time. :-)

  2. WOW! The pictures are awesome!

  3. welcome to Malaysia! ^^

  4. Haha, Why were they making Adam and his co-workers do pushups?