.Little Accomplishments.

It's the little things friends..the little things that make a big difference in life.

As a nanny, my work "uniform" consists of the following: 

sweats + t-shirt
jeans + t-shirt

In the winter time simply add a fleece and boots and in the summertime add flip flops, that's it! I understand I do not have to wear these items of clothing but let's be real: I'M A NANNY. Fashion does not matter, make up does not matter, and how I wear my hair does not matter. The girls accept and love me no matter what I look like.

Well, this August will be two years nannying for the same family. Can I tell you something?--I feel kinda like a mom at times, and feel like I dress/look like one. To all of you mothers out there, I mean no disrespect by this, what I mean is all of my time and energy goes towards these little girls. Feeding them, dressing them, bathing them, playing with them, loving them..I do not give myself a lot of time in the mornings just for "me." Every morning I get my shower in but then I throw on my jeans, any t-shirt I can find clean (yes, even Adam's t-shirts) and I'm ready for the day. No makeup and air dried hair with the frizz, waves and all!

I've been noticing my confidence dropping a little after the girls leave (nothing drastic but enough to notice) and when my husband comes home from work and wants to go out I respond, "Oh goodness, just look at the way I'm dressed..my hair..my face..etc." He always assures me and tells me I look great. I believe he sees me this way and we do have a wonderful time when we go out, but I need to feel beautiful myself, need to feel confident myself. Adam deserves a wife who is confident and ready for whatever adventure he has up his sleeve, that is what intrigued me about him in the first place. Side note: Something pretty rad about my husband, he actually prefers me without makeup, for REALZ.

It's awesome.

Well I woke up this morning and decided I needed a change. I needed to focus more time on myself! So today I woke up one hour earlier and I have a secret: It wasn't too bad. I took a nice long shower and even had time to shave my legs and use conditioner in my hair..as the title says, it's the little accomplishments. After my shower, I put on my "dress up jeans," threw on a cute top (p.s. this top has not fit me in a year and a half, hope it's still in style!), dried my hair, and..are you ready?--put on makeup! YES, I got ready for the day :) 

 My morning did not end here--I even had time to prepare a delicious Slim Fast shake, eat a banana (HUGE accomplishment for me, I'm a texture eater and a gagger..yea..) and a Fiber One chocolate granola bar as well as drink three cups of water! The little accomplishments in life..I am feeling pretty and my tummy is full!

Dear Day,
Bring it on.

Life is good friends..what little accomplishments bring you smiles?


  1. Yay Katie! putting a little time into my appearance always helps my confidence :o) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Looking good! It's so hard to put the effort into it sometimes.

  3. Katie, this is an awesome accomplishment and when YOU feel good it will shine through my friend!!!!
    have you heard of the What I wore Weds. on the Pleated Poppy blog? She is a mom trying to get out of her sweats and it is a blog hop where you post your outfits...check her out, if not to link be like me and read it for inspirations!!!!!

  4. Pretty! It definitely does make a difference when you take time to put effort in yourself in the morning. When I work from home every Friday I find myself in my pj's til 4pm...not good.(Today I mangaged to take a shower and get dressed!)

    Also, Mike tells me he doesn't even notice when I'm wearing makeup or not...I don't know if I believe him.

    BTW...I <3 Yard Work!!! I mow the lawn at Mike's house just because I think it's so much fun. And gratifying! He recently got a ride-on mower though, which makes it more fun, but less gratifying, hehe.

  5. Katie, it's so true! My boys are almost 2 and 5 mos so I have no time to doll up (nor do they notice) but I realized I notice! I darted trying to do different hairstyles or go buy new eye shadow and it makes a different in my mood! Sounds silly but when I dress sloppy I feel sloppy. So I totally understand this post and yay for feeling better :)

  6. I agree with Taylor. If I have a lazy day where I don't shower, etc., I don't seem to get as much done as when I get in the shower early and start my routine.

    I'm a new follower from the blog hop!
    Hope you'll hop by and visit my blog too!
    Have a great Sunday!

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  8. It is so nice not to have to rush around, isn't it. Waking up an hour early makes such a big difference. Yout top is really cute btw.

  9. Um you look adorable! I have the opposite problem, I have to dress nice for work all the time and I really like just being able to dress down. I do have to admit, though, I took the time today to straighten my hair instead of just letting it wave out and I feel like a million bucks!

  10. You look fantastic. It is easy to get in a rut. Good for you for making a change!

  11. look at you, all fancy and CUTE! way to go, i HEAR YA. it is hard to "get ready" some days...but it always makes for a great day!


  12. good for you! i can totally relate - i've got five kiddos, so the days when i take a shower and actually do my hair and makeup are rare - but man, do i feel so good and proud of myself when i take time for "me time" !

  13. You are adorable!! I can totally relate to so much in this post! ESPESH the bananas! Ha! I feel uber accomplished when I can eat one. For the same reasons... picky eater... bananas have never been my friend. ;)