After a busy morning and afternoon, Adam and I needed to change the pace of our day..we needed to slow things down a bit and kick up our feet for the night. 

We drove to the beautiful campus of Sweet Briar College to watch my very talented brother-in-law act in the Twelfth Night. It was an outdoor theatre production.
 Outdoor theater, does it get any better?
Virginia blessed everyone with a cloudy and cool night. We met up with Adam's parents to enjoy a little picnic while sitting in our lawn chairs waiting for the play to begin. The Blue Ridge mountains acted as the backdrop for the play and we got to sit in the middle of it all and enjoy God's stunning creation. 
My brother-in-law Alex did a fabulous job playing Sir Andrew and provided the audience with many laughs and some great banjo strumming!
 Alex is not only a good actor, a fantastic banjo player, and extremely witty..he is also adorable.
Exhibit A:
Favorite Alex smirk (and ladies--he's single, wink wink!)

The night was simply wonderful, thank you brother or should I say Sir Andrew :)


  1. how fun to have a great night out to enjoy a fun play with family! looks like you had a fabulous time Katie :)

  2. It's something to be at an outdoor theatre! Fun! :)

  3. what a great night that looks like! i love stuff like this...there's a local park that does free outdoor concerts from june to august. unfortunately, it's been so stinking hot and muggy that even at 7pm, who wants to sit outside in it? i'll just live vicariously thru you, then.

  4. god is so wonderful, isn't he? my family just got bck from skiing at mount ruapehu, just so amazing! we were blessed with a snow storm just before our stay at the mountain, so it ws perfect!

  5. Wow Alex looks a little "Gilbert Blithe" in that last photo (especially with the period duds). ;0) Hard to imagine him all grown up now!