.Meet Virginia.

It's a GIRL! 
Meet Virginia Belle Basten
 The Basten Family
Joy age 3, Grace age 4.5, and Virginia Belle with their loving parents Mason and Katy.
 Grace and Joy giving their baby sister presents.
 I am blessed--this family has welcomed me in as their own. Here I am holding Virginia Belle only a few hours after she was born.
 I could not take my eyes off of her--so in love!
 Virginia Belle is the first newborn (meaning in "Katie" terms: under 4 weeks old) I have ever held in my adult life and is the first baby I have ever visited in a hospital. She weighs 7.5 lbs.
Holding her only hours after she was born and seeing how perfect and beautifully made she is touches deep down inside of me..to parts I have never felt before.
I am having trouble finding the words to express it..
God is good!
He knit Virginia Belle together in her mother's womb, she is His perfect Creation. Virginia Belle has the littlest toenails, fingernails, and eyelashes I have ever seen. God created her in His image and she is a miracle.
I see Katy everyday and was with her throughout her entire pregnancy and all of a sudden..one day..this little miracle is born..just like that.
She is here and she is perfect!
I am truly humbled by our Heavenly Father and in awe of His creation.


  1. Nice to see a picture of the whole family. Look so happy meeting their new daughter & sister. It is amazing how small but so perfectly made.

  2. What an amazing family. It is the best gift that God can give us. It is seriously the BEST feeling in the world to hold a baby that not only came from God but also you. Ps can't believe you have never held a newborn and PSS I got the package - LOVE IT and my daughter had soooo much fun opening everything up.

  3. What a beautiful baby girl and happy family! I'd be singing that Train song Meet Virginia all day long to that babe.

  4. What a cutie and what a precious name (very southern! love it!) You are a natural at holding babies, Miss Katie, and I only wish you could have been up here to hold and love on mine and Maria's when they were first born! It is an amazing feeling and it is straight from the Lord. The power of God is made remarkably clear in so many ways through the miracle of pregnancy, giving birth, and new life! Enjoy spending time with little Lucy Goose this week (even though she's not a newborn anymore, she's still adorable! :)