.Hi there, remember me?.

The past two weeks of July had many surprises for this girl! 

I've been spending a lot of my time caring for the little ones I nanny since their mother recently gave birth to another precious girl.
A trip to the ER..there have been a few health issues that decided to pop up, rather burst, that I have been trying to figure out through prayer and listening to my body. (more on this later in the week)
Our new house had it's very first house guests, besides the girls I nanny, all the way from Minnesota and Michigan!
I got to meet, hold, and love on my sweet niece Lucy. (Read here and here to meet all of the little munchkins in my life!)

And now.. 

It is just Adam, pup, and myself in a very empty, very quiet house.
It's nice..
and rather sad.
There are laundry piles taunting me to wash them, dishes screaming for a soapy dip, and a rug that is begging me to vacuum it and here I sit, typing to you on my blog.
I will rest today and not worry about all of the things needing to get done..there's always tomorrow right?!
Leftovers, comfy pj's, cool A/C, warm blankets, and netflix will be my friends this afternoon and night.
Should I mention it is currently 2:10pm and the hubs and I slept through breakfast..and church..and lunch?
Yes, at 1:21pm we awoke to a cloudy and wet Sunday afternoon.

Life is good!