.We needed a break.

Ever feel like that?

After last week, Adam and I decided to go on a little getaway to reconnect with each other and both disconnect from our jobs. We took a trip back to Charlotte, NC to visit dear friends as well as our new favorite store IKEA. This time, it only took us an hour and a half to successfully eat lunch, shop around, pick up the items on our list, and check out! We felt like we deserved a medal since our first visit was eight hours long..yep, I said eight.

After IKEA, we drove around town a bit checking out other stores. We, of course, stopped in Target and were both blown away at the size of it and get this--it was not even a super Target! Our little Lynchburg Target is sad compared to it's siblings, sigh. Another great find was Hobby Lobby! I had never heard of this store until the blogging world and was ecstatic to check it out. Well, we had exactly 10 minutes before the store closed (major tease!) so Adam and I set world records with our fast paced walk. I kept laughing hard because around every corner was something I had seen on a blog post (and I have to admit I was a little less impressed when I realized these things were purchased and not made like I had thought. Oh well!)

After our shopping spree, we checked into our hotel and instantly felt like little kids again. We explored our Hampton Inn and of course had fun in the elevators! It was around 9pm that we started getting hungry and both were in the mood for some Thai, our current food kick, and found the Thai House right down the road from our hotel. The food was incredible, hands down the best Thai food we have ever had. I highly suggest going there if you are in the area. Adam and I had the perfect date. I love when God prepares your heart (without you realizing it) to truly enjoy your spouse's company, to intently listen to their every word feeling proud and in love, laughing with them, sharing your thoughts with them--it's an amazing feeling. We had great company, great food, and great service so it's happy to say it was a good, spontaneous date.

Our hotel was wonderful however we did not sleep well at all. Adam and I are, well, pillow snobs. We both sleep with our Tempur Pedic pillows and carry those big boys with us everywhere we go. It's true. Well this trip we decided to leave them at home and let me tell ya--biggest mistake yet! When we walked into our room we immediately smiled because the room was beautiful and a king bed awaited us. Welp, those smiles quickly turned into a stunned looked followed by an uproar of laughter. Their pillows resembled little nuggets, perfect little squares. There were four of them total and they were awful. We definitely laughed at the situation until we awoke the next morning with back aches and feeling so teribly sleepy. Ah well, lesson learned!

Adam and I drove to Cary, NC to visit our friends James and Lynette along with their 3 year old son and 1 month old daughter. It was good seeing them and holding baby Eden. She weighed only 7.3lbs!! What a little peanut! Lynette made us an incredible dinner and a delicious gluten free cake :) This was my first official dessert in a long long time and it was so so good. Lynette then took Eden and myself to Whole Foods so I could stock up on some gluten-free yumminess! I wish, I wish, I wish Lynchburg had a Whole Foods or a similar store. It was amazing and their gluten-free sections were endless AND their prices were better than Kroger! I dropped a good chunk of change on food and am happy to report after a full week of eating, our pantry and freezer are still stocked full!

Overall it was a fantastic weekend and break from our everyday life!

Have you gone on any getways lately to escape the stresses of work?


  1. SO glad you were able to get away, rejuvenate, hang out with your husband, and enjoy time away!! Hopefully it gave you some extra energy for this week!

  2. I can totally believe that you spent 8 hours in IKEA on your first visit. I think we spent about that much considering we had to take 2 separate trips back...all so we could get free lunch with purchase. :P

    Sounds like you two had a great time; I agree that sometimes a weekend away is JUST what you need! :)