.So Many Things So Little Time.

Where oh where has time gone? 

Sitting here I cannot believe it's Friday evening. This week has gone by quickly and let me tell ya--our little Miller family are ready to greet the weekend. Adam and I had a lot of "catch up" work to do with our home and decided it was finally time to tackle it all. After knocking walls down, painting the entire front interior of the house, and preparing for our first garage sale, our house was a complete disaster. Every spare bedroom and nook of our home was packed full of furniture, pillows, dvds, cleaning supplies, laundry, and everything else under the sun. We simply looked the other way for weeks, yes..weeks. Well, it finally caught up to me and the stress attacked at once, my house had control over me.

Adam and I worked together and now have control over our home. It feels amazing. Hours were spent cleaning this week and not just straightening but actual cleaning--scrubbing floors, toilets, tubs..vacuuming all floors, baseboards, even the garage and basement..boxes were unpacked, organized, and packed back up..the entire basement was torn apart and put back together again with half of the items going toward our garage sale tomorrow. It has been a crazy long week of house work. I wish I had taken pictures to show you all our before and afters--trust me--they would have taken your breath away! Our house has never looked so good and we know where EVERYTHING is, can I get an amen?!

I will take a few photos of our garage sale tomorrow. Adam's mom joined us and has brought over all of her goodies to make some money--I'm excited! I know I am bias, but I really love the things I am selling. Most of it is furniture and house decor from my college dorm rooms, college townhouse, and my first townhouse with Adam. I truly hope they bless some college students in town by providing furnishings for their new apartment. It's sad to give these things up but feels refreshing at the same time.

Okay, now for a few random rambles about my blog. I have been so behind on blogging and I am sorry. There has been much progress on our living and dining room and sadly I have not shared any of it. Time gets away from me but I'll try to be better, I want to be better. A new blog design is all finished but there is one problem--it is in my head. My husband has been extremely busy at work doing his thing on a computer all day so I have not wanted to bother him with doing blog stuff when he is home. He does enough for me already, really really..actually, Adam is currently assembling our dining table from IKEA purchased just last weekend. Pictures will be coming! I have so many ideas in my head for seasonal crafts, especially Christmas, and I hope I get around to making them. My family from NJ and Chesapeake will be coming to celebrate Christmas at our home on December 9th--that is right around the corner!!! Adam and I have been trying and working so hard to get our home looking "lived in" and finished before they come. I know we will not get to everything on our list and sadly this is preventing me from blogging but I am determined to do it! I can promise to do my best and hope it's enough for you! :)

Thank you for reading and staying with me!



  1. Congrats on subduing the clutter monster. I also feel overwhelmed when clutter piles up while we work on a project. I did post a few pictures of my house the weekend that we tore up our old wood flooring. Just trying to keep it real.

  2. I find it hard to believe that after two years married you have that much stuff to sell for a garage sale. I also need to start inside. Did some things outside this morning, chilly and windy which makes picking up leaves difficult. Hope the sale is successful.