.Getting Closer.

We are finally getting closer to having a real 
dining room

Adam and I bought our house with a lovely little coat closet, pantry, and front office/small bedroom. 
Take a look:
Our coat closet is now a large walkway into our dining room. The little pantry was taken out completely to allow more room in the dining area. We had the entire hallway/office wall knocked down to create more open space for entertaining. The entire kitchen/living room/hallway/dining room were painted. Our carpet was patched where the walls were knocked down. A chandelier was hooked up and curtains were hung. Still lots to do but this is what we have so far, like the title says:
'Getting Closer'
and just in time for the holiday season!
Curtains, throw rug (which will be moved), and chandelier all purchased from Ikea. Dining room paint is Benjamin Moore's Pottery Barn Stonington Gray HC-170

Final touches include:
 Getting crown molding installed.
Having trim added around the tile in front of the entrance.
Filling the room with a table and chairs.
Adding art work/wall Decor.
Hemming the curtains. (Any advice? This is entirely-out-of-my-comfort-zone!)

At least we are getting closer!
What do you think of our room conversion so far?


  1. Looks great! As far as the curtains are concerned, I personally wouldn't do any permanent alterations. I would grab a ruler and some stitch witchery and call it done. No needle, no thread, and if you ever want to move the curtains to another room, or even get a house with higher windows... lol... you'll be able to use them anywhere.

  2. Love the curtains! - I agree with the above comment! Quick and Easy! I love the color on your walls, also. Lots you can do with the decor on that color! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Looks great, Katie! I can't wait to see it in person soon! I think the suggestion for a no-sew hem is a great one. In fact, here's a link (one of many, I'm sure) to a tutorial on someone's blog using the stitch witchery.

    I will say that in my own personal experience, I always have a horrible time using things like stitch witchery and heat n' bond because they never seem to stick. I could just be a dufus and doing it wrong, though! If you do want to sew it then it wouldn't be too big of a deal since it really just requires you to measure and make a straight line with the machine! If you go this route and can't find anyone with a machine in Lynchburg then let me know--my Mama has one. ;)

    See you in a few days!!!!

  4. Yeah, so I definitely forgot to post the link in my previous comment... hehe.


  5. Kate, Depending on how much is hanging on the floor, all the decorating shows show the curtain laying on the floor. I would leave them if not bunched too much or do a temporary fix so you can use again. I think straight pins is the easiest! It has worked many times for me. As you know, sewing is not one of my talents.

  6. I know it sounds a little silly, but depending on how much you need to hem you can also staple them. It works! I love the changes! Can't wait to see the final product!