.Dark and Gloomy Day.

After two weeks of sunshine, the rain has come. 
I have a surprise day off today and it's raining. No worries, I welcome the rain. With every new rainstorm, I huddle inside with hot coffee and think about my wedding day. We planned for an outdoor ceremony in the mountains and rolling hills of New Jersey but instead were viewing those mountains through the thick fog and rain June 20, 2009 brought. The rain was perfect though, even on my wedding day. It made everyone come together and was the source of great stories and laughter from all (even the bride!). When the rain let up, my amazingly handsome husband and I posed, barefoot in the puddles, for a few quick shots our photographer and friend John Rozier captured. 
Today is dark and gloomy and you know what?
All I can picture is this incredible man who chose me to be his wife for life.
The best part: I get to kiss these lips for the rest of my life.
Love you Adam Everett.


  1. Oh, so cute. You are a beautiful couple. When you are in love it doesn't matter what happens around you. I have a similar memory of my wedding. Our wedding day is December 6th, 2001. And we had a thunderstorm in the morning that day. Talk about a turbulent start of our marriage *lol*