.Caught up in life.

My last post was on Monday.
Today is Friday.
Shame on me.

It was not my intention to skip my blog for the week..I guess I just got caught up in life. Life was all over the place this week physically and emotionally. I have been struggling with a few things physically that have been causing much pain and my dear husband has been working late and hard the past two weeks to make a very big deadline (there's the emotional part.) I spent A LOT of time in prayer this week. It seemed as if all of my thoughts were turned in to a prayer and it was just me and God chatting nonstop. I feel lucky to have Him. God answered some prayers by giving a week of incredible weather. We live in Virginia and were blessed with sunshine everyday with temps between 65-70 degrees. AMEN. God gave me this weather to remember how to have fun and to distract me from some of the pain I have been experiencing. How did I spend my week? 

      - Loving Grace and Joy each second I was with them
      - Setting up special picnics at the park for them
      - Appreciating how much they have grown since Summer and discovering 
        their new physical abilities on the playground
      - Watching them run around with Colden in our backyard
      - Enjoying Veggie Tales with the girls and being able to share more of who
        Jesus is with them
      - Singing all of the songs from the shows
      - Taking long walks with Colden everyday
      - Smiling at his cuteness and excitement visiting his doggy friends
      - Feeling the hot water on my back from the shower after a sweaty    
        afternoon outside
      - Thinking and prayer time while showering
      - Napping with pup after our walks
      - Preparing and COOKING meals EVERY NIGHT eating only healthy foods
      - Loving on my husband and serving him after a long and stressful day of 
      - Waking up to another day filled with sunshine

This week had plenty of low times and painful moments but God allowed me to get through it all and to rejoice in Him for the things He has given me. I will be continually praying for His guidance regarding my health and body as well as strength and perseverance for Adam at work. Life is not always easy, but we have to remember these seasons and learn as much as we can to realize how blessed we are when God brings us to a new season of life. 

Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Thanks for the reminder Katie! I needed that today.

  2. Hi Katie ! I am so glad that you can find rest in God. I spend my mornings alone at home and I want to devote some of that time to God but find myself preocupied with this and that...thank you for inspiring me to seek him first.
    hope your weekend is a great one and next week looks better than this one !

  3. I love how God shows us in our weakest times just how awesome he is. Great post!

  4. Sorry you haven't been feeling well, but glad you were still able to enjoy the small things in life this past week! Looking forward to visiting you this spring! :)