.House Posts in the Works.

I am in my 32nd week of pregnancy and finding true what "they" say about the nesting period.

I am in it..
..this means Adam is also in it.
Oh marriage, you're pretty fantastic.

House projects actually began a few months ago with a few minor changes here and there but now things have evolved onto a much larger scale.

It's been awesome.

My blogging has definitely taken a back seat but once I have lovely 'after' photos to share with you I will be back. Keep your eyes open in the next week or so and thanks again for sticking around even though I've been missing!

And get this..
..only 8 more weeks until we meet Penny! Come on July 7th!


  1. There will be plenty of time for blogging, right now your pregnancy is what it's important. Good luck with your last 8 weeks!!

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