.Welcome 3rd Trimester + Announcements.


I have made it to 28 weeks! 
That is 7 months!
3rd trimester people!

Let us celebrate by ending every sentence with an exclamation point!
After sharing the not-so-pretty side of my pregnancy a few weeks back, my heart has truly been filled with an abundance of love. I was and still am moved by your kind, caring words..by your personal stories of conception, pregnancy, and birth..and by your encouraging, uplifting prayers.

Thank you!-each and every one of you who has

prayed for my physical body..
prayed for my baby..
prayed for my emotions..
prayed for my husband..
prayed for my spiritual life.
(the list continues)

Thank you!

Your prayers, along with my own and those of my husband and family, are being answered. I am feeling -dare I even say it- better! My third trimester has welcomed me with new excitement, new energy, new positive outlooks, and has restored my mental and emotional state. There are still struggles of sickness and more migraines than I would care to to admit, but I am doing better. 

I am smiling more.
Laughing more.
Loving more.
And I even deep cleaned 3 rooms in my house!!!

The funny thing is I do not know for sure if I am 'getting' better or simply coping with the ailments of pregnancy better. Either way--I am happy and my heart is full, what more can I ask for?! 

I realized the other day I never shared some rather exciting news with you--

what we are having! 

This was our photo announcement we shared on facebook and now sharing with you! 

It's a..

Adam and I are welcoming a little baby girl into our hearts and home this July. This news took us both by surprise during the big ultrasound but now we could not be more excited..we are having a girl, a daughter! 

Would you like to know her name?..
 Can you handle another announcement?..
Here it comes..

Penelope Layne!

We will call her Penny for short. I love it--Adam loves it--And my dad loves it. Let's just say he raised his baby girl to have good taste in music ;)

Thank you again for your prayers and good thoughts you have been sending my way. I'll be back soon with more photos and a new update..keep those fingers crossed! 

Here are some candid 28 week belly shots, baby girl is growing as well as this momma!
Happy Living--Happy Pregnancy
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


  1. I am so excited you are naming your daughter Penelope! Love love love that name! I have a Penelope too; she is already 4. I picked out her name way back in high school (a good 12 years before she came along). We call her Nell for short, but not that often. We always thought we would rarely call her Penelope, only when she was in trouble and the situation required a full name. But now she is Penelope through and through: spunky, strong, energetic, creative, beautiful, imaginative, and lively. I hope your Penelope brings you so much joy!

  2. Yay, how exciting! And I am SO GLAD you are feeling better!!! PTL! I hit 30 weeks yesterday, and while I recently just had a really, really tough time even moving or breathing, my chiropractor/nutritionist has really helped me out. We'll continue to pray for you and little Penelope!

  3. So happy to read that you are feeling better! You're in the home stretch now :) And I love the name that you guys have picked, it's beautiful.

  4. I love her name! I went to high school with a girl named penny lane... She was so cool

  5. oh my gosh! you will LOVE having a girl!!! it is the best! i have nothing to compare it to, since i only have a baby girl, but i love having a daughter. it's so special that God has entrusted us with a precious little girl's heart to protect. it's wonderful to be trusted to teach her about being a confident, strong, beautiful and pure woman. it has already changed my outlook on so many things. i am learning to stop picking apart what i see in the mirror and just learning to appreciate how God made me so my little girl will never have to see her mommy wishing she was different or being ungrateful for how God made me. it's such a wonderful challenge. i just know you will be such a wonderful mom to that little girl!

  6. how sweet and special her name is, and it's so great to hear your name in song. not a sitation that will ever occur with my name, though.

  7. I love your gender announcement photos - so creative! Also, the name Penelope is one of my favorites, but sadly we can't use it because our last name starts with Pen- too so it would be too rhymey. Sad. Anywho, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Can't wait to see photos of the little one when she arrives!

  8. Good morning! It is so great to see that you're back, and that things have taken an upward turn for you! I want to tell you how much your words blessed me and encouraged me. I stumbled across your blog on the day of your last post(after I Googled a BM Alaskan Husky paint!) I, too, am pregnant, due in July. While it may have seemed like a coincidence that I found you, I'd prefer to call it a God-thing. He knew I needed some encouragement, and someone to "talk to" who'd just "get" what I'd been going through. You were that person for me. This is my third child, but this pregnancy has been so entirely different, and just, well, difficult. For the first 20 weeks, I have never felt more sick in my life. My migraines attacked with a vengeance; lasting 4-7 days at a time, which only intensified my nausea. I felt sick 24/7. I had no choice but to step down as worship leader. I was battling some serious depression...questioning everything...So many people kept telling me I must be having a girl, since I wasn't so sick with the boys. I carried differently. I was emotional, etc. Well, we may not know each other personally, but we've been on a very similar journey. Little Lillian Mackenzie is on her way! Here is a link if you'd like to see a snippet of the reveal party. I LOVE your reveal, by the way! You will remain in my thoughts and prayers, and I'll check back often to see how you're doing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKPoEYAdQaQ&feature=youtu.be

  9. So happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet Miss Penelope. :)


  10. What a great idea! I love it.very interesting to read thank you