.Our first official IKEA Hack.

I know, I know..

..it's been done, but that didn't stop us from trying it! 

Adam and I completed an IKEA RAST Hack! 

We started with this little gem:
And we ended with this little beauty:
I have had this design in mind for months and finally took action on our last Ikea venture, when we purchased two of these end tables at $34.99 each.

Unfortunately for me, being pregnant meant I would not be able to stain and paint the wood like I had hoped. Luckily for me, after sharing my idea with Adam he gladly accepted the task of stainer and painter--what a guy ;)

The brand and name of wood stain we used is Home Depot's Behr Natural Sequoia. I wanted the stain to match our dining chairs and must say I impressed myself by eyeballing the perfect shade. We bought 1 quart and have plenty of stain leftover for future projects. I forget the exact total but it was around $15.00 for the stain. We also selected 1 quart of Behr's Ultra White High Gloss for the drawers. The paint came to $14.00. Our last purchase from Home Depot were new knobs for the drawers. I cannot find the exact ones of their website but each knob came to $2.17. I had originally picked out beautiful vibrant knobs from Anthropologie but could not bring myself to spending over $100 for the hardware since it defeated the purpose of making over the guest bedroom on a budget.

The rough final cost for our two IKEA RAST Hacks: $125.00

Adam and I feel pretty good about our furniture makeover and think the two end tables really add personality as well as function to our guest bedroom. We also love the view from the hallway of our dining chairs and the end tables--the colors really lead your eye from room to room.

I had a little fun trying my hand at staging and styling the end tables, take a look:
 To view these little beauties in our "new" guest bedroom click here.


  1. The knobs look perfect--I couldn't stomach spending that much on hardware either!

  2. Wow, fantastic job, both of you! These really came up well :)

  3. Okay, so when we eventually move into a bigger house I have GOT to:

    A.) Finally walk into an IKEA; and
    B.) Put your gift for interior design to good use!

    Looks awesome, sis! Can't wait to see it in person soon, but really, what (or who) I am MOST looking forward to seeing is PENNY!!!!!!! ;) Love you guys!

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