This weekend was filled with bear hugs, good food, reminiscing, and laughter. 

Adam and I had a dear friend from college visit us for the weekend. Reality hit how "old" we are getting after realizing four years had passed since we last saw one another. The three of us picked up right where we left off and jumped into great conversation. 

Here we all are back at a Christmas party in college:
And here we are today: 
(please note how Adam's hair is exactly the same--too funny! I promise he has had many haircuts in the past four years!)

 God has blessed Adam and I with a deep friendship in Hillary. It is so rare to find people who truly love and accept you..all of you, including your flaws and quirks. It was sad to see her go home to Mississippi but comforting knowing next time we will pick right back up like always. 

Hill and I back in college:
And today:
You are loved Hillary!

Happy Living--Happy Reuniting
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


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