Our Holiday: Part 1

I am embarrassed about two things:

1. Being away from the blogging world for this long
2. Posting about our Christmas and New Years Celebration in late January

My only reason or excuse is I have simply been tired, just drained. I needed a vacation from my vacation..ever felt like that? 

I have been making great progress on getting healthy, more on that here, however the past month found me dealing with a bit of stress which unfortunately resulted in headaches..lots of them.

The past two weeks have been treating me well and I have felt the tension leave my body thanks to a merciful Heavenly Father, a sexy husband who gives the best head rubs, and having my normal routine back in action.

So my friends, I am back! 

Now here is a little bit of our Holiday..a month later :)

The holidays began in early December and it did not end until January 9th. Talk about a long holiday. My side of the family came to our house the beginning of December to celebrate Christmas and though it was short, it was very sweet. Adam's family celebrations started on Christmas Eve with us acting as the hosts for dinner, dessert, and entertainment. We had a delicious ham dinner with a brown sugar-orange juice "gravy", mash potatoes, corn, pineapple bake, biscuits, and chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I must say, I was and still am very proud of my first Christmas Eve meal...everything came out as planned and tasted great! (Yes, I am patting myself on the back while smiling and nodding.)

Here are two shots from our time together:
Christmas morning was a relaxing time with the hubs and pup!

Christmas night was the beginning of two full weeks with Adam's family..all of them! His siblings from MN flew in with their beautiful children to bring in the New Year together as well as many aunts, uncles, and cousins. I am afraid a book would be written if I included everything we did for those two weeks so I will share some photos and hope it does the job for me!

New Years weekend was celebrated in a beautiful mansion built in the 1800's. It was the perfect gathering place for all of the family who traveled in from out of state. 
Here we all are ringing in the new year--Adam and I seem to be the only ones ready for the picture above and we seem to have been the only ones to spice it up in the photo below. Can you find us? ;)
Here is a group shot of everyone who came and trust me when I say, this is only half of the Holm family. Adam and I are on the left side first seated row from the top--just look for the curls!
After New Years, the extended family headed home and we had one week left with Adam's siblings and our nieces and nephews. Here are a few shots from our week.
One fun outing was taking a trip to Amazement Square, a children's interactive museum. It's safe to say both children and adults had a good time.
The week ended on a high note because my brother-in-law Alex performed the play Completely Hollywood Abridged. It was fantastic!
This lovely family photo was taken by Adam and I personally think it came out perfect! It will be printed and framed very soon.
The final holiday celebration was Adam's 26th birthday. No pictures were taken but we had a special night with two of our best friends and enjoyed a pancake dinner and a movie.

Phew, I am tired just reliving all of that--and there is still so much I did not write about! I am happy to be back in my normal routine and I cannot lie, it's nice having a quiet house again. Our time together was busy and memorable..here's to next Christmas and New Years!

Check back for Our Holiday: Part 2 where I will share some yummy recipes with you!


  1. Welcome back, Katie!! It looks like you had a wonderful family-filled holiday. Great pictures!

    I just had my body tested (not blood, but through Nutritional Response Testing) and am now off of wheat too, plus most sugars except for fruit for now. So know that you are not alone! Blessings to you in the new year :)

  2. Oh Katie..I never did see these pictures..They are quite wonderful (although not of me) and bring back GREAT memories! There were many this year also. Like upstairs at the church when I found out how much you and I really do have in common! While I LOVED staying in your home, I kind of missed the closeness of staying in the mansion last year..I felt so much closer to everyone. We should do something like the mansion again next year!!