I love spending weekends with my hubs!

Adam and I treated ourselves to a few things for the new house..some items more practical than others..can you guess who bought the items that do not fit into the category of "necessities"?

Take a look!

Adam's shopping picks:
Katie's shopping picks:
We are both extremely happy with our purchases and overall had successful shopping trips together! Time to plan the next one ;)

Happy Weekending!

{lawn mower and blower from Home Depot. rug from Target. pillows from Pier 1. lamps from Big Lots.}


  1. I love the things you bought! The lawn toys aren't really my thing... Haha

  2. ooooo lovin your style Katie! What room is that for?! I'll be living vicariously through you for awhile haha

  3. No offense to your husband..but your purchases are much prettier! :)

  4. I LOVE the rug and pillows!! So fun and so cute!